anamnesis.pngAnamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters is a truly ambitious game. It tries to recreate the sensation of playing a traditional pen-and-paper RPG in a single-player computer game. And no, it doesn't attempt to follow the standard CRPG way of doing things. Anamnesis uses a text heavy interface instead and has you making everything from strategic choices and conversations to exploring and managing your units via what can only be described as a choose-your-own-adventure-esque system. Happily, this works brilliantly, as do both the setting and the overall plot, even though my favourite bit has to be the character creation process; it's really simple, unlike anything else in digital gaming and yet lets you make a character that feels actually interesting.

Anamnesis can be downloaded for free for Windows [direct d/l], Linux [direct d/l] and Mac [direct d/l]. Also do keep in mind that the project is far from finished and stuff is still being constantly added to it.

(Hat tip to the amazing