Collapse, Collide.jpgAs promised, Imscared developer Ivan Zanotti just delivered a more complete version of his free platformer "game about life" Collapse, Collide for Windows. Zanotti added secret areas and a hard mode which removes checkpoints and adds a lot of twitch rage. I noticed the character oddly flails his arms while running, which distracted me after the more picturesque, snow-filled area.

Players can leap even after walking off a ledge and can climb up the sides of most objects, aside from the furthest left and right walls (watch for the green foliage for where the player can climb). I managed to beat the game with a time of 1164 on my first try (bring it, speed runners). I posted some tips after the jump, too.

Spoiler tips:

For secret levels, "Green" walls are important, especially in level 4 and 5. I did my best by keeping the "Z" key pressed most of the time, allowing my character to adhere to most walls.