love hotel.jpgNext up in my Charity Game Jam spelunking comes a pair of games with explicit and implicit nudity. That said, these NES-themed games manage to keep things rather work-safe.

First up is Saxon Douglass' Love Hotel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In this classy building sim, players purchase different-themed rooms, utility rooms and even elevators for guests to sully (sexually). Players also must hire workers to clean those rooms, post-encounter. Douglass's Love Hotel is kindly open for all sorts of business: man-man, woman-woman, and other combinations.

grow.jpg"Sometimes you ought to enjoy the times you get to run around young...and naked." Agreed! In this quick coming of age platformer, Cranium's Grow for Windows packs a few smile-inducing ideas around its gameplay. The player spends 99% of his time naked, presumably because he quickly outgrows his clothes.

I like Grow because I feel like it leaves a bit for interpretation. It will only take a couple minutes of your time, but the finish feels worth it.