Human Aerobics is a two-player rhythm game which sounds deceptively naughty, but is 100% family friendly and will most probably provide you with the silliest kind of fun you've ever had this close to a computer. Player one will get to do his or her aerobics by pressing the correct button at the correct moment and player two will get to try and shoot player one. What makes things interesting though is that as player one is trying to do well enough to fit in with a group of dancing robots while wearing a handbag over the head, player two is on the lookout for wrong moves that will allow him or her to pick out the correct, non-AI target and shoot it. With lasers. On the head. À la Spy Party. While feeling all nostalgic for the slightly kitsch aerobics of the 80s and listening to some almost forgotten tunes.

Then both players get to change places (and controllers) and the madness goes on until a winner is declared. Or you decide to switch to some sort of drinking game, but first better grab Human Aerobics. It's absolutely freeware and will run on both Mac and Windows PCs.