paradis perdus.pngA stunning 3D landscape. Nay, a vibrant world that comes close to what most of us would consider serene, elegant, beautiful and even good. A lovely and colourful place ripe for exploration. A small yet unique gaming world you would probably get to enjoy much more if you weren't aware of the fact that your in-game presence is corrupting and, eventually, destroying it. The world of Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises) by Sergey Mohov, Fabian Bodet and Matthieu Bonneau; the setting of a game about not belonging that lets you decide whether you'll enjoy and infect it or try to escape and inflict minimal damage.

Paradis Perdus is still in alpha and the team behind it are rapidly adding to it, meaning you should keep an eye out for new versions, as apparently an alpha is always an alpha. The game is already available for Mac and Windows and you can download it here.