will you return.pngI'm not particularly sure everyone will appreciate the demented interactive collage that is Will You Ever Return?; then again Hieronymus Bosch has never been everyone's cup of tea and the Unchained Melody has never been considered the perfect fit for DADA-influenced horrors, but Jack King Spooner managed to tie everything together in one of the most interesting (important even) freeware games of late.

A game that will move, scare, disturb and touch you. A visual and aural masterpiece that challenges indie gaming's aesthetic norms and something that will surprise and intrigue you in too many ways to list. You must simply play it, for I really shouldn't spoil anything about it. Yes, play it, even if it feels like you'll hate it. Even if you do actually hate it.

Oh, and Will You Ever Return? is not without its odd bits of, well, odd humour either.