simface.pngThe general goal of Fuck This Jam was to make a game in a genre developers hated, and through "ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things will happen." While most of the 1,424 developers are still at work to meet the November 17 deadline, at least three developers have drawn their line in the sand, attempting to the right the wrongs of Peter Molyneux's Curiosity and certain practices on Facebook and YouTube.

Bart Bonte went after 22Cans' cube-clicking communal app Curiosity because it's just that: an app. He tells IndieGames, "Curiosity is not a real game, yet I was amazed by the amount of game press and credit it got." In Bonte's Furiosity, he seeks to add meaning and logic to each layer players chip away.

furiosity.pngBonte stated that he doesn't necessarily hate the Curiosity itself, though. "Rather than shouting some opinion, I just made a fun game, and actually I amused myself very much in making the game."

Cody Maines' (redrazor11) parody of Facebook shouts loud and clear in Simface - A Facebook simulator. The game's arcade-style goal is to click on all notifications before players become overwhelmed.

He says that social media has gamified the idea of virtually adding friends and other connections and that this plays into the desires for acceptance and approval. "You can really get addicted to the +1 friends list."

Maines says the takeaway is not to integrate social media so seriously into everyday life. "It's good to be updated and worldly about news, but maybe [people should] not get addicted to Facebook while seeking out that news and those connections."

minecraft youtube sim.pngFinally, Dafydd Francis (Afal) pokes fun at YouTube, Minecraft, and simulations with Minecraft Let's Play Youtube Channel Simulator 2013 Alpha. "In a sense you could say I hate the people who 'game' YouTube in order to get views," he reasons.

Though his game mocks everything he finds dull, he doesn't actually hate all Let's Plays. He finds some enlightening and even educational, when they speak about the game's history or offer different solutions to problems. As a new developer, he says he would also find Let's Play videos about his own games pleasing.

"There [are] people on YouTube who are really talented and can make entertaining videos without resorting to gimmicks or tricks that the average 'YouTube celebrity' would use. These people who go and create these wonderful things they've enjoyed making (and displayed so that other people can enjoy them too) are the ones I admire."

[Bonte's Curiosity, Afal's Minecraft Lets Play Youtube Channel Simulator 2013 Alpha, and Cody Maines' Simface - A Facebook simulator are playable now.]