Groupees has launched The Bundle of the Damned, a pay-what-you-want compilation that offers 1C's Cryostasis (Windows; Steam + DRM-free) and Rijn the Specpyre in Manor of the Damned (Windows/Mac/Linux; Desura + DRM-free) for a minimum purchase of $1.

Buyers who pay $4 or more will also receive Kalypso Media's Anna (Windows; Steam only), Epicycle's BlindSide (Windows/Mac; Desura + DRM-free), and Meridian4's Post Mortem (Windows; Steam only). The bundle also includes a selection of downloadable albums and other bonus content, along with Steam keys for Digital Tribe Games' Legendary.

20 percent of bundle proceeds will be donated to Unicef. The Bundle of the Damned is available through November 5th.