GOG.com has launched a special Pick 5 & Pay $10 promotion in which buyers can create their own custom software bundles from a pool of 20 featured games, including several indie standouts.

Package highlights include Renegade Kid's retro-styled platformer Mutant Mudds, Amanita Design's point-and-click adventure game Machinarium, and Wadjet Eye Games' Blackwell Bundle. All games are available for Windows, while a few also offer Mac versions. A full list of eligible titles follows:

- Alan Wake's American Nightmare
- Anomaly Warzone Earth
- Blackwell BUndle
- Botanicula
- Darwinia
- Defcon
- Gemini Rue
- Geneforge 1-5
- Machinarium: Collector's Edition
- Multiwinia
- Mutant Mudds
- Resonance
- Spacechem
- Symphony
- The Ball
- Torchlight
- To the Moon
- Trine
- Unmechanical
- Uplink: Hacker Elite

The promotion ends November 27th.