The fourth Humble Bundle for Android has launched, featuring a selection of up to six cross-platform games for a price of your choosing.

The bundle includes Cipher Prime's microbial puzzler Splice, Omni Systems' ambient RTS Eufloria, Kloonigames' physics puzzler Crayon Physics, Capy's atmospheric adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and Tiger Style's previously iOS-exclusive "action gardening" title Waking Mars, which makes its PC and Android debut as part of today's bundle launch.

Buyers who pay more than the bundle's average purchase price (currently $5.75) will also receive Amanita Design's acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Machinarium. All games except for Waking Mars (which is up for vote at Steam Greenlight) include Steam keys, and all featured titles are available as DRM-free downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

As a bonus, bundle buyers additionally receive downloadable soundtracks for all six games, available in MP3 and FLAC formats.