Indie Buskers has launched its second pay-what-you-want bundle (€1 minimum) featuring seven crowd-suggested games programmed in just 48 hours.

Bundle offerings include Hamumu Software's playground capture-the-flag action game Sneaky Brats, Sophie Houlden's automated phone system simulator Phone Phantom, and DandyDan, a retro-styled hedge construction title from Galcon creator Phil Hassey.

Indie Buskers 2 also includes Ido Yehieli's Diplomatic Doom, Friedrich Hanisch's HATESNAKE3D, and Sos Sosowski's Electreus. Progress on another featured game, Pekka Kujansuu's River City Ransom-styled Space Brawl, is currently stalled as the author recovers from an illness, but Indie Buskers organizers note that it will be added to the bundle upon completion.

[via RPS]