IndieGames' co-created site Indie Royale returns with its seven-game Harvest Bundle, featuring acclaimed retro platformer from Renegade Kid, Mutant Mudds, top down procedurally generated shooter from RichMakeGame, Pineapple Smash Crew, Lemmings-like Spirits, an Avernum RPG trilogy, and Studio Bean's experimental platformer BasketBelle.

First in this crop is a well-received retro platformer from Renegade Kid, Mutant Mudds, available for Windows on Desura and DRM-free. Players control Max (and his grandma) as they fight to vanquish aliens called the Mutant Mudds with only a water cannon and jetpack. Originally created for Nintendo 3DS, the enhanced PC version offers a wealth of additional content - including 60 challenging levels that span across 5 worlds. Destructoid celebrates Mutant Mudds, calling it "platforming distilled to its essence. It cuts the fat in order to deliver a pure, satisfying experience."

The next yield is top-down, twin-stick procedural shooter from RichMakeGame, Pineapple Smash Crew available for Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. Players control a squad simultaneously while taking care not to let one member of the squad die or else they lose their firepower and miss critical level-ups further into the game. says Pineapple Smash Crew "has fun mechanics, great graphics, and lightweight gameplay that you can jump in and out of."

Also included is the appropriately themed action-puzzle game from Spaces of Play, Spirits, available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Desura and DRM-free (and its OST). In Spirits, Autumn is here, leaves are falling, and the spirits are rising from the fallen leaves to find their way home. Players must guide them on their journey indirectly by growing them and changing the ground and wind. celebrates Spirits for "(a)rt so beautiful it could have been lifted from a Miyazaki movie."

Next up is classic fantasy RPG from Spiderweb Software Avernum: The Great Trials Trilogy (available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-free), which includes 3 great games: Avernum 4, Avernum 5 & Avernum 6. The next set of games in the Avernum series, these titles are accessible to those who haven't played the first trilogy since it's set many years afterward. These games offer over 40 hours of gameplay, a thoughtful and unique storyline and terrifically foreboding enemies. BioGamer Girl says of these 3 games: "if you're looking for addicting games that will keep you playing for many hours on end, look no further than the Avernum Great Trials Trilogy!"

Last up is experimental 2D basketball-based story platformer from Studio Bean, BasketBelle available for Windows and Mac on Desura and DRM-free (along with an OST + beautifully crafted sketchbook). Each chapter of the game uses the mechanics and the idea of basketball in a different way: from dribbling inside the intestines of a purple blob creature to dunking above the clouds in front of the Parisian moon. TruePCGaming says, "Those who are interested in a sweet tale of brotherly love, (...) would do well to (buy this game) because this is an experience worth having."

Finally, those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Harvest Bundle will get a custom album from critically acclaimed chiptune label 'Data Airlines'. Data Airlines is known for bringing real retrofuture electrosounds to destinations all over the world and created this one-of-a-kind compilation for Indie Royale which includes artists such as Dubmood and Bright White Lightning.

More information on the Harvest Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, is available on its official website or via its Facebook and Twitter pages.