Feature #1: Objecty

A truly ambitious 2D game creation tool that has been developed by game devs and seems to be getting most things right, while simultaneously going for some rather exotic features (built-in skeletal animation anyone?) and for some pretty impressive memory management. The tool will run on Windows and Mac machines and, via Lua, will be able to export to almost anything. Also, it definitely needs your funding and you might just need the extra support and possibly better prices early adopters will enjoy. Here's the Objecty Kickstarter.

Feature #2: FPS Creator Reloaded

I did once use the original FPS Creator and though I enjoyed it, it did feel a bit unpolished and slightly underpowered and, apparently, that's where the FPS Creator Reloaded Kickstarter comes in. Money, you see, is needed to properly beef the tool up and provide it with a better graphics engine, PsysX support, more content, more weapons, and all sorts of other additions and improvements. Oh, and in case you were wondering this is a tool that will indeed allow you to make your very own FPS.