cryengine3 sdk.pngI'll once again be brutally honest and admit I wouldn't dare install CryENGINE 3 on my PC. I'm pretty sure it would only confuse my 2D-focused brain, but, still, I just couldn't avoid letting you game creating readers know that one of the most impressive, triple-A 3D engines has been made available for some indie developing fun; especially if you are looking to create something freeware.

The CryENGINE 3 Free SDK, you see, is absolutely free for non-commercial use, meaning you could come to grips with it for no cost whatsoever (well, beside the time you'll invest in finding out how it works). What's more, its latest update will apparently let you enjoy the power and flexibility of the fully licensed CryENGINE and includes all sorts of interesting bells and whistles such as a dedicated server, terrain shadows and box projected cube maps (whatever these might be).

Also, uhm, I do suppose that a freeware and wildly innovative indie first person offering would be a rather fantastic thing too.