gm scoreboard.pngAs GameMaker is one of the most popular game development solutions (at least when it comes to 2D games) around, many of you game creating types should be happy to find out about the GM Scoreboard. It's a rather brilliant website where game developers can store scoreboard data in a most permanent, online, automated and completely free manner. Theory Georgiou, one of the people responsible for the project, also notes that GM Scoreboard "use[s] a simple HTTP_post string which works perfectly with GameMaker and theoretically with any game that can make a HTTP request. Devs can pull data in-game or have players visit their page on the website for a full list of scores".

GM Scoreboard is incredibly easy to use and implement in GameMaker and you should be able to get the thing working within minutes. And, yes, it is as handy as it sounds.