opengameart.pngIndie Tools has already provided game designers who can't code with all sorts of tools that let them create games without writing a single line of code, developers with sound effect engines, teams with programs that allow them to organize their work and even with a couple of PR tools, but has never catered to those that can't come up with their very own graphics. Well, until now apparently, as OpenGameArt should cover your needs for (mainly) 2D game art, especially if you are into freeware or open source projects or are trying to come up with a prototype that looks good.

OpenGameArt, you see, is a website stuffed with royalty free artwork, sprite sheets, backgrounds, textures, UIs and absolutely anything you might need to cover all the graphical needs of a game; even a commercial game in some cases. Happily it also sports some handy tutorials, music tracks and sound effects, and will of course let you upload and share your art too.