Coming Out On Top confuses me, just a little. According to the Kickstarter website, it's supposed to be the story of a college kid who has finally come out of the closet to his closest friends. Coming Out On Top, which comes with a $5000 funding goal, is supposed to be an interactive story of sorts, a dating simulation except with good-looking chaps as opposed to a mix of genders. It's a pretty cool idea (we really don't have enough non-heterosexual stuff in this industry) but I can't help but worry if this is going to be a huge mess of stereotypes. Religious quarterback deeply buried in the closet? Yeah. Totally not a trope. Still, there is a chance that this may turn out kind of awesome, naughty bits and all. What do you think? There's also a demo for those interested in poking at the preliminary offering.

Official Kickstarter page here.