Time to go pledge-shopping across the pond! Kickstarter has allowed UK-based developers to submit projects and ask for pledges starting this week. Notable selections include Blazing Griffin's sequel The Ship: Full Steam Ahead, Paul Firth's mmoAsteroids, and a rebirth of Chris Davis' Spud's Quest (for all pre-indie game boom fans!).

As described above, The Ship: Full Steam Ahead will be a full-motion video adventure another Steampunk multiplayer online murder mystery for PC and Mac due to release in 2014. New gameplay details are scarce at this moment, but the team is keen on creating "something new and rather daring with input from YOU -- our most noble players." [Kickstarter Project].

And that's just the tip of the UK iceberg...

Dizzy fans will probably enjoy puzzle adventure Spud's Quest, just as they did back in 2006. This looks to be a proper 16-bit ode! The developer says fans of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and even Tomb Raider should also enjoy the gameplay of Spud's Quest for Windows when it releases in March 2013. [Kickstarter Project]

One can never have enough orcs! Casual Brothers bills Orc Attack as a 3D co-op hack and slash adventure where players assume the roles of orcs who must destroy human invaders. Even with online or local multiplayer modes, the game thankfully shares one camera (no split-screen!). Orc Attack is set to hit Windows and Playstation early in 2013. [Kickstarter Project]

Taken from Paul Firth's digital mouth, "mmoAsteroids is fast paced, massively multi-player, team-based, 2d arcade action shooter with a player generated universe, inspired by the original arcade game Asteroids." We covered the playable prototype, and it's good to see the game getting a full release in June 2013. [Kickstarter Project]

Bare Mettle Games' Sui Generis, releasing May 2014, claims to be "a ground breaking RPG for the PC that may just change the way you think about games." The game sounds rather ambitious in the RPG tropes it sets to shatter, such as there being no levels and no classes. The two are replaced with a "more natural progression system based on skills and thaumaturgic powers" and "countless possible [guilds] with diverse and interesting qualities." [Kickstarter Project]

Point and click fans may find interest in Shift-P's hand-drawn Circus of Light. The premise sounds absolutely magical, involving a unique circus in the Nordic forests that only takes place when lightning strikes an inspirational machine called the Syncronor. The journey to save this circus starts April 2013. [Kickstarter Project]

Kung Fu Superstar offers players a myriad input choices to get their martial arts freak on as they star in various movie spoof levels. Kinesthetic Games' allows for traditional controller, touchscreen, Kinect, and Oculus Rift support. The latter two will ensure several self-destructive videos will find their way on YouTube, as people Karate chop their furniture and TVs in late 2013. [Kickstarter Project]

Finally those wanting some arcade action mixed with on-rails shooting will want to check out HotBot by Ink Vial Games, releasing in April 2013. Each turn through the glowing neon world will be different thanks to the game's random level-generation system. [Kickstarter Project]

And don't forget Gnome's pick of Maia, also from the UK.

[Thanks goes out to my unofficial UK beat reporter turned indie dev Chris Priestman for finding some of these.]