Frontier Developments' David Braben has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Elite: Dangerous, a modern-day take on the classic PC open-world space trading game Elite.

The latest entry in the Elite series will feature procedurally generated content, cooperative and competitive online multiplayer, and the same open-ended gameplay style that defined the series. Though the original game fit into 22k of memory, Dangerous is a much more ambitious undertaking, creator Braben notes.

"We will rely heavily on artist-directed procedural generation, using techniques that are a logical expansion of what was done in the previous 'Elite' and 'Frontier' games," Braben explains. "This will greatly reduce the required budget -- bringing it to within reach of Kickstarter. It also means it becomes a viable project to avoid the conventional publishing route -- something that I don't believe can deliver a game like this successfully."

Despite its high funding goal (£1,250,000), the project has earned over £250,000 in pledges in its first two days of operation, and its highest reward tier has already sold out. Digital copies of the game can be reserved for a £30 pledge, or as part of a £20 special offer limited to the first 10,000 backers. Elite: Dangerous is expected to launch for PC platforms in March of 2014.