Anyone remember Sierra's Outpost? Well, no wonder you don't, as it was a rather obscure yet initially high-profile space-station management sim that promised much but, sadly, delivered little. It also made sure that I imagined a strategy/god game set in space that would probably never exist. Until Simon Roth's Maia, that is; an incredibly ambitious indie project that already looks pretty impressive and promises to blend elements of Dungeon Keeper, SimCity, Dwarf Fortress, the works of both Arthur Clarke and Douglas Adams, and a brilliant '70s sci-fi aesthetic into one cohesive whole.

You can help make this happen (and secure a copy of the game and all sorts of other goodies) by funding Maia on Kickstarter and making sure we all enjoy one of the few games to ever feature a huge, humorous, procedural world infested with bi-polar androids and, should the first stretch goal be reached, cats and dogs.

Maia will be released for PC, Mac and Linux sometime during the summer of 2013.