Millinaut's Shaun Inman, Box Cat creator Rusty Moyher, and composer Matt Grimm have teamed up to launch Retro Game Crunch, a Kickstarter project that will deliver six retro-styled games to campaign backers over a period of six months.

Each month after the campaign's conclusion, Retro Game Crunch backers will vote on a theme for the next featured game. Three days later, a playable prototype will be released, and backers can give feedback on the results. Inman, Moyher, and Grimm will then spend the remainder of the month polishing the game until completion.

Backers who pledge $15 or more will receive the project's first three developed games for Mac and Windows. Pledges of $25 or more will receive all six games, along with the full version of Super Clew Land immediately after the campaign ends. Additional backer rewards include t-shirts, posters, and wallpapers featuring characters designed by No Marios creator Ashley Davis.

Retro Game Crunch's funding goal is set at $60,000.

[via @adammathes]