Jottobots is one crazy colorful Metroidvania. J. Otto Seibold and Offspring Fling developer Kyle Pulver's 2009 ARTxGAME piece will finally release to the Windows-gaming public on November 10 for $1 million. These guys are so indie that they are going to release a game on the weekend.

As discussed with Pulver last month, Jottobots is "about discovering every nook and cranny in the world." He adds in a recent blog post: "The game is played under a time limit (which starts at 5 minutes but can be increased through time bonuses) and the goal is finding the exit but also grabbing a lot of points along the way."

The PC release gets some sweet sounds from Power Up Audio and Josh Whelchel, online leaderboards, and achievements. Thankfully, the game supports the 360 controller with rumble features, "but a generic game pad might have to resort to Joy2Key for now," warns Pulver.