Prolific Flash game developer Nitrome has launched Nitrome Touchy, a free App Store download that turns your iOS device into a controller for a series of supported browser games.

"Controls can be customised on a per game basis both physically and visually and can even change on the fly," Nitrome explains. "We have ten launch games that use the service with a further 20 coming in the next 6 months."

Nitrome continues: "The launch games highlight key aspects of the technology showing of virtual buttons, 1 to 1 motion gaming, touch based drawing, tilt gaming and local multiplayer for 4 player. We also show off some more unusual control schemes that would never get a physical controller."

I like this -- it's an inventive concept that could potentially offer faster, more accurate control schemes for certain types of browser games, and it's ideal for multiplayer. Just be sure to keep a firm grip on your iOS device at all times; the last few seconds of the video above offer a cautionary example of what might happen otherwise.

Nitrome Touchy is currently an iOS exclusive, but Nitrome notes that an Android version will be released soon.