[The above video is a safer preview of the rather NSFW trip that lies ahead.]

Commissioned by Studio XX in Montreal for the 2012 HTMlles festival and based on the subject of "risk," McMickey and Air Jordan's Hyperspace Safari is another wild Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-via-YouTube game from Hannah Epstein. "[I]n a lot of ways it's an exercise in trying to get sued as much as it's an exposition of authoritarian copyright laws," Epstein tells us.

In my journey through the YouTubed-Internet, I dabbled in Google highway searches, steamy relay chats, and shady Craigslist posts. The last traumatic choice led me to be "kidnapped, beaten and raped, [and] sold into sex slavery," but I managed to escape. Whew.

Your own steamy journey with McMickey begins after the jump.

Those interested in more of Epstein's work should check out The Immoral Ms. Conduct.