Vittorio Romeo's (Vee Software) Open Hexagon is a freeware game that looks and feels pretty much like Super Hexagon, except a lot slower. One could consider it to be good practice for those who find even the easiest setting of Terry Cavanagh's game, especially with it being open sourced and having options for adjusting speed. With so many basic similarities, though, the larger question remains of what to label this, even if the developer didn't mean to snuff Cavanagh.

The developer states on Facebook: "I want to make clear that the resemblance to the original game is very high, even if it's not an exact clone.

"I've credited Terry Canavagh everywhere I could, and I don't want my game to be competition, but a tribute to his work. I got his permission to make a 'Super Hexagon inspired game,' I just hope this is not stretching it."

It's freeware, so at least the inspired developer is not trying to make money off of it. The Facebook page urges people who enjoy Open Hexagon to check out Super Hexagon which is currently out for iOS for $2.99 but not Windows. Presumably, it would carry a non-free PC price tag.

Cavanagh's regular Hexagon is still free.

update 1:Terry Cavanagh responded on Twitter: "I'm a little upset that he released it before I had a chance to release Super Hexagon on PC myself - but I'm basically alright with it! I've just checked it out there, and it's not bad at all - the harder octagon stage was pretty cool. I also like the death effect. I'm hoping Super Hexagon will be out on PC and Mac REALLY soon - I'm working flat out to make that happen!"

update 2:In what seems like true Terry form, he's posted Open Hexagon on his own blog. Still, a little coordination before release may have avoided upsetting the original creator.

[Open Hexagon download, mirror]