Two-man studio Clever Beans has released its PlayStation 3 and PS Vita cross-playable action game When Vikings Attack as a downloadable PlayStation Network title. It's worth checking out, particularly if you're a fan of PSOne-era battle royale games like Poy Poy and Rakugaki Showtime.

When Vikings Attack pits up to four players against invading viking hordes in various modern-day settings. Gameplay involves teaming up with unassuming locals (businessmen, policemen, schoolchildren, and so on) and bowling over gangs of vikings using thrown objects throughout a series of single-player and multiplayer levels.

The mechanics are simple -- gameplay basically boils down to "move," "dash," and "throw" -- but there's an interesting layer of strategy involved. In order to pick up the larger, deadlier objects that litter the playfield, you'll need to assemble a large group of wandering citizens. Doing so makes you more vulnerable to viking counterattacks, however, as your team becomes slower as it grows in size. It's fun stuff!

Both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions of When Vikings Attack are included in a single PlayStation Network download priced at $9.99. PlayStation Plus members can grab the game during its debut week for $6.99.