The roguelike top-down shooter Teleglitch is finally available for purchase from Johann and Mihkel Tael and Edvin Aedma, after almost a year of waiting with the demo and three years since its inception. "We made this game because we were missing the jitters and hardcore fun feeling that we grew to love years ago, playing games like Doom, Quake and various roguelikes," the team stated. Teleglitch fills the void these games left "with pixels, blood, zombies, robots and dark corridors."

The full version of Teleglitch promises 20+ types of various opponents, 40+ types of weapons and items, 10 levels that radically change their structure every time you play, and 10+ hours of gameplay. Those (newly) interested can download the demo or purchase Teleglitch on Windows for $13 here. A Linux version is coming soon.

[Source: Idealsoft]