battlekeep1.jpg I'm not really sure how we missed this the first time around. However, it looks like Last 17, who were previously responsible for the excellent Populous-inspired Reprisal, have been hard at work developing Battle Keep. What is it? According to the developers, it's a ' top down, real time multi player, blam, boom em up', one that will have four players scrambling about a dungeon in an attempt to eradicate one another. An experiment in real-time multiplayer action, Battle Keep is, according to one of the last few updates, verging on 'pre, pre beta release'. battlekeep2.jpg battlekeep3.jpg battlekeep4.jpg battlekeep5.jpg battlekeep6.gif

No gameplay videos are available as of yet, but if you're interested in keeping tabs on the game, here's the devlog thread on TIGsource.