If you're a fan of the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network 2D fighter Skullgirls, you may have wondered when its long-promised first update would arrive. Following up on the release of a patch this week, its creators offered an explanation for the delay: the team was laid off from Reverge in June, and has since reassembled as the "forward-thinking, retro-minded" independent game development studio Lab Zero Games.

Lab Zero Games will resume Skullgirls development, though DLC progress and the creation of a PC port has been disrupted as a result of the layoffs.

"We are sad to report that these unfortunate circumstances have delayed the resumption of work on the PC version, and indefinitely delayed the first DLC character," Lab Zero notes. "Don't take this as a sign that we've given up - we haven't, and are doing everything in our power and then some to resume work on these as soon as possible."

The team adds: "Not being able to tell anyone about these rather significant developments has almost been as bad as being largely unemployed and unable to continue our work on Skullgirls.

"We have always strived to be as open and transparent as our business and legal obligations will allow, but we feared news of these events would discourage our fans more than our conspicuous silence would. Being able to finally fill everyone in on everything is a huge relief, and we hope you understand our reasons for keeping quiet until now."