suphexlogo.pngThe hypnotically spinning sultriness that is Super Hexagon will seduce PC players starting next week. After a rough patch this weekend with a rough freeware clone beating developer Terry Cavanagh to the punch, the proper Super Hexagon will arrive on Steam for Windows and Mac Tuesday, November 27.

"It's going to cost $2.99 (the same price as the iOS version), but I'm hoping to launch with some sort of discount (still talking to Valve about that)," Cavangh blogs. He was unhappy with the game in Flash, so he spent longer than he wanted rewriting it in C++. The result is a new version of the game that runs at a higher resolution than the iOS version. Upgrade!

This is the last week to practice on regular Hexagon, and the dawning of a downward spiral 6 times as long and 6 times as hard... er, "Hexagon."