Super Hexagon is now on Steam for Mac and Windows, discounted to $2.00. Super Hexagon is a sensory-engulfing arcade experience, requiring players to dodge the constantly spawning and spinning deadly edges. The game has six stages, offering six speeds and tons of different patterns.

Creator Terry Cavanagh provided some codes for our readers. Instead of a random giveaway, in the spirit of Cavanagh, this will be a bit hard but free. All you have to do is play the regular Hexagon better than anyone else for the (unofficial) Hexagon Grand Championship.

To enter, you must leave in the comment section below a screenshot of your best time and type in that time in the comments. Be sure to use a proper email for Disqus login so we can email you the code! The person with the best time will win 2 copies of the game on Steam and 5 runners up will win 1 copy each. Of course, the real prize is earning the title of Hexagon Grand Champion. The competition will end November 29, at 2PM EST.