Looking to beef up your Windows 8 app collection? Braycen "lambomang" Jackwitz has released Griff Dangers in Mettle vs. Metal for Windows 8/RT via the Windows Store.

Originally developed for Ludum Dare, Griff Dangers is a side-scrolling action game in which your robot opponents grow stronger during each play session, based on which weapons you use to kill them.

"As you use a weapon, the robots will adapt to it and become harder to kill by increasing their attributes (speed, health, fire rate) depending on which weapon you're using," Jackwitz explains. "After so many robots have been destroyed, a larger, more deadlier robot will appear. After 5 of these larger robots have been killed, your multiplier will increase, multiplying how much damage the robots inflict, how much health the bigger robots have, and the amount of coins you pick up per destroyed robot."

Griff Dangers is priced at $1.49. A free trial version is also available.