Three-person studio Tomorrow Corporation has released Little Inferno, a curious little firebug of a game for Windows and Nintendo's recently launched Wii U console.

Little Inferno sits players in front of the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace and tells them to burn all of their worldly possessions. Logs, toys, and credit cards are all fair game for incineration. Using the coins you earn from burning objects, you can then purchase more lavish items like nuclear devices and tiny galaxies...which can also be burned.

The fire-based mechanics recall Sony's Trash Panic, though the objectives are more freeform; it's up to the player to discover 99 hidden item combos, which reward acts of creative cremation. It's not all just mindless arson, either -- the game has an overarching narrative that explores why the world is so obsessed with burning things.

Tomorrow Corporation's staff includes 2D Boy co-founder, designer, and artist Kyle Gabler, which helps to explain the World of Goo aesthetic similarity. Also working for Tomorrow Corporation are veteran developer Allan Blomquist and Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure creator and director Kyle Gray.

Little Inferno is priced at $14.99, and is available via Nintendo's eShop, Steam, and Tomorrow Corporation's website. Buyers who purchase the DRM-free Windows version from Tomorrow Corporation directly will also receive Mac and Linux ports, once they're available.