Over on the Xbox Live Indie Games service, developer Unfinity Games has released Space Crüesader, a twin-stick arena shoot-'em-up with a great amount of visual flair.

Space Crüesader challenges players to rescue wayward spacecraft in a series of asteroid fields while fending off enemy turrets and warships. Even though you have unlimited lives, rescues soon become surprisingly difficult; you can improve your ship's equipment, however, by collecting upgrade shards from the asteroids that you shoot.

I really like this one. The game's difficulty proves to be its strongest suit, and it's satisfying to rack up big points early on before being crushed by later levels. The sarcastic radio chatter is also very well done -- woe be unto you if you're unfortunate enough to rack up a negative score bonus at the end of a level. The game also includes online leaderboards, a couch co-op mode, and a collection of unlockable badges.

Space Crüesader is priced at 80 Microsoft points ($1).