OUYA.jpgOver the past 10 days on Twitter, OUYA's team has announced one developer and game per day to win a free kit for the upcoming Kickstarter-funded console.

The Android-based, indie-friendly $99 console is slated to start shipping its first units in early 2013. OUYA claims to have some of big indie and AAA names supporting the console already - Notch, Brian Fargo, Adam Saltsman, Jordan Mechner, and Robert Bowling. By means of this giveaway, OUYA has just announced ten more supporters.

The rules of the giveaway were that developers simply had to craft a clever tweet to @playOUYA about one game they want to make. Winners shall receive an $800, hand-crafted developer kit. Winning games include Chucklefish's Starbound and Robot LovesKitty's Legend of Dungeon.

The full look at the games is after the jump.

FIST OF AWESOME! by Nicoll Hunt

MechKnight Chronicles by Dinosaur Games

Syder Arcade by Studio Evil

Kid Electro by Seantron McDeathtron

Space Runner by Hypercane Studios

Legend of Dungeon by RobotLovesKitty

iMech Online by Mobula Games

Dusty Revenge by PD Design Studio

HolyShield by Dogbox Studio

Starbound by Chucklefish

Those curious can check out this list of confirmed and rumored OUYA games over at the official OUYA forums.