super tower rush.pngSuper Tower Rush for Windows came out of nowhere and plays as a rather fun local versus platformer. The first player to reach the bottom of the tower or to put ten floors of distance between the two racers wins.

The crazy combat comes from using all sorts of tricks and magic spells to slow down the other player. Players can amplify and prolong those spells by spending coins collected on the downward journey. When players feel stuck, they can often dig their way to the bottom at a timely cost.

Lorena Casanova and André Marí Coppola have released an alpha version of the game to see how players enjoy the content already and to see if they can get enough interest and funds to flesh out other modes for the game. Already planned modes will include a single player campaign and online multiplayer. Casanova told me that the characters will get different powers in upcoming updates, too.

Those interested can pay 3.50 Euro or more to access the alpha. The hyper gameplay trailer (the game actually runs at a comprehensible speed) is below.

[source: Super Tower Rush]