This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a handful of entries from the villain-themed Ludum Dare 25 competition, a hardcore restaurant sim from The Oil Blue creator David Galindo, a point & click adventure that will have you acting as a demon, plus an Android-based title that is entirely without visuals.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: '(Tie One Woman to a Train Track and Suddenly) I'm the Badguy' (Curt Kling, freeware)
"For the villain-themed Ludum Dare 25, one half of SharkArm Studios has created an arcade game that rewards tying women to tracks and having trains run over them."

Game Pick: 'Atomic Creeper Spawner' (deepnight, browser)
"Atomic Creeper Spawner will have you focused on dissuading a single hero from destroying your orbs of true evilness. To do this, you're going to have to fling various monstrosities and the occasional chest at the unfortunate good guy."

Game Pick: 'Cook, Serve, Delicious!' (Vertigo Gaming, commercial indie)
"In Cook, Serve, Delicious! players manage a struggling restaurant, and are in charge of everything from food preparation to maintenance. During the cooking portion, you'll use a touch-driven interface to choose ingredients; fast, accurate preparation will raise your profits and grow your customer base."

Game Pick: 'Holly Jolly Pyromaniac' (UndergroundPixel, browser)
"Holly Jolly Pyromaniac is a silly albeit joyful Ludum Dare entry that will have you taking on the role of a villainous Santa Claus. Angered by how some of his elves have decided to revolt against his despotic rule, the mad monarch of gifts has taken to the skies in order to land explosives on the would-be opposition."

Game Pick: 'Agents' (recursive frog, commercial indie)
"Agents is an Android-based title that will have you playing as the commander to two field agents. Your mission is to help them navigate through a weapons facility even as they attempt to destroy it."

Game Pick: 'Demon Quest' (Carduus, browser)
"Demon Quest is a point & click adventure that will have you acting as a demon named Greg. In order to earn your demonic degree, you must first succeed in executing a prank on a certain someone."