This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The goodies in this edition include Pastel Games' latest point & click romp, an upgraded version of LittleLoud's worker exploitation sim Sweatshop, a creative icon game from Nitrome, plus a demake of the excellent arcade and Dreamcast brawler Powerstone 2.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Monster Detective' (Pastel Games, browser)
"What's better than your average browser-based, point & click title? One that involves an investigative specialist who is armed with a fedora, a trench coat and a good attitude towards things that go bump in the night."

Game Pick: 'Pro Gamer: The Game' (Catavento, browser)
"Pro Gamer: The Game is a browser title that revolves around upgrading a gamer pad while playing a bunch of micro games that resemble Canabalt, Space Invaders, Frogger, and more."

Game Pick: 'HD Xyth' (nulllvoid, browser)
"A collectible card game set within the outer reaches of space, HD Xyth will have you duking it out with aliens even as you assemble fleets and marshal resources to take down the opposition."

Game Pick: 'The Cat Lady' (Harvester Games, commercial indie)
"A game where the protagonist is neither young nor particularly attractive, The Cat Lady will have you facing off against your fears and an onslaught spearheaded by five creatures known as The Parasites."

Game Pick: 'Sweatshop HD' (LittleLoud, commercial indie)
"As the Trainee Manager of a struggling clothing factory, you're charged with hiring, firing, and motivating an underpaid workforce to meet dangerous manufacturing demands."

Game Pick: 'Ice Beak' (Nitrome, browser)
"Ice Beak is a clever micro-sized game that mixes shooter elements with elemental strategy somewhat like PixelJunk Shooter. The player-controlled blue bird has limited ice ammo used to shoot down enemies, freeze fire, and hit switches while flying to the 10 end goals."

Game Pick: 'Rollaway' (Sugar Pill Studios, browser)
"In Rollaway, players roll four dice at the beginning of each round, and take turns putting them into play one after another. Some dice rolls award points, while others take them away."

Game Pick: 'Failstone 2' (Failnaut, browser)
"Failstone 2 is a demake/love-letter to the excellent Powerstone 2, with graphics that go for that low-res, monochrome Dreamcast VMU feel and gloriously succeed."

Game Pick: '2D Voxel Madness' (Fun Infused Games, commercial indie)
"In 2D Voxel Madness, players explore a large game world in search of hidden diamonds, digging a path through rough terrain and fending off enemies along the way."