polybranch.pngGitHub's Game Off month-long competition came to an end, yielding almost 200 free games based on the themes of forking, branching, cloning, pushing, or pulling. Organizers recently announced the five winning entries, six runners up, and seven honorable mentions for their seminal jam.

Those who enjoy the quick maneuvering may enjoy Rothschild Games' Release Cycles, "an abstract racing game where you fight against the clock and the computer to get as far as you can in a product's life-cycle" or Greg Batha's PolyBranch, a minimalist 3D dodging game where users approach terminal velocity.

Henry Hoffman's Branching Out feels like a World of Goo tribute. A personal favorite so far is Zolmeister's Avabranch, which tasks players with vertically racing as many forked lines as possible, with ever-forking control schemes.

Organizers stated that the Game Off jam will be back in 2013. Until then, those interested can try out all the winning entries here.

[Thanks, Matt H.]