"And suddenly the boy had as many holes as a sieve." Such words of encouragement spill from the narrator's lips, as players come to grips with their powers in magnetic 3D puzzle-platformer Cantrip. When a pair of orphan siblings stumble upon a collection of cans in a scrap yard, the witch who owns those cans kidnaps the sister and curses the brother such that every can he comes in contact with sticks to him.

Fortunately, he learns how to control this magnetic power. He can now hurl objects at enemies, attract heavy masses to weigh down buttons, and repel deadly objects at his will. Along with attractive power-ups and narrative, Cantrip has an eerie pencil-sketch aesthetic that suits the fairytale-like setting.

A team of graduating students involved in The Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) created Cantrip this past semester. Below the browser game window are the Mac and Windows download links.