pro gamer.pngPro Gamer: The Game is a browser title that revolves around upgrading a gamer pad while playing a bunch of micro games that resemble Canabalt, Space Invaders, Frogger, and more. Completing the micro games gives the pro gamer money to purchase upgrades, and beating several in a roll yields a multiplier. The upgrade items allow the pro gamer to play more games in a row with more comfortable seating and earn more cash per game with bigger televisions.

Pro Gamer has a bit of a snarky bite, too. An upgrade of beanbag to a simple chair reads: "the backrest would be great, if I ever used it," or a Mountain Dude power up: "helps soul-dead journalists promote your game."

Pro Gamer: The Game won the Dev Island award ($6,000) at the Brazilian International Games Festival. Four teams had 24 hours to develop a game from identical instructions, without Internet access or contact with the outside world during the festival.