ice beak.pngHave you enjoyed the more creative icon games from Nitrome this year, such as Gunbrick, J-J-Jump, and Turnament? Ice Beak is another clever micro-sized game that mixes shooter elements with elemental strategy somewhat like PixelJunk Shooter.

The player-controlled blue bird has limited ice ammo used to shoot down enemies, freeze fire, and hit switches while flying to the 10 end goals. Frequent save spots also recharge the beak's ammo.

An enemy turns into an ice ball when hit, which crashes into other enemies and switches while it falls. Well timed and well placed shots lead to solving most of the puzzles, along with using moving platforms as shields or avoiding them when they threaten to pulverize the flying fowl.

Onto the not so hot: like some of the other icon games, Ice Beak doesn't seem to ramp up the challenge early enough, with only 3-4 of the last stages proving difficult. A few enemy placements seemed particularly wasteful when I could shoot them from the recharge area. Shot rationing as a whole didn't seem as important or challenging throughout the game, but the mini-puzzles and quick-reflex work is what makes Ice Beak a fun play through.