Alex McGilvray's Lil' Commando plays like Cabal, Wild Guns, and NAM-1975 but with a splash of bullet hell. Players can only move left or right while shooting soldiers, tanks, boats, and even ninja.

When enemy fire is thick, players have an invincible dash to make it through. The dash element feels like it has some potential for future episodes, maybe for reflecting bullets or something more novel.

With strong core gameplay, it would be a shame that Lil' Commando's visuals or lack of animation deter players. I admit It does feel odd the player has no animation when hit: he just disappears.

I haven't placed too high on Lil' Commando's score boards yet, but it's nice that they exist. A note about the creator, McGilvray is working on a PSP/Vita game. I'm hoping it involves expanded Lil' Commando, arcade style gameplay. I could use more run and run games on the run.

[source: TIGS forums]