trail of regret.pngIn Trail of Regret, players face some rather grim outcomes in the final moments of a dying old man named Eric. He receives a visit from the angel of death, who grants him the chance to manipulate his memories to be able to confront what he has done and find peace.

Players will unravel some rather dark truths in a sometimes abstract, sometimes sexual world of memories. In the journey, Eric confronts how his choices affected his wife. "How come you never played these games with your wife?" the angel asks. Later, Eric also must confront the memories of how his daughter tragically died in a car accident.

The platforming mechanics in Trail of Regret leave a little bit to be desired. More responsive is how players alter the world with a mouse click to proceed in it. I particularly liked the scene involving some dripping candle wax.

Unfortunately, players will fall longer than they need to before they are reset on the stage. Also unfortunate, the strong dialogue is not delivered as convincingly as it could be in English, and the game doesn't offer a native Danish audio track, either (only subtitles). At least, I assume it would be native in Danish since the student game is part of The Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment.

Players should remember Trail of Regret more for the adult themes it explores and how it explores them, rather than the platforming mechanics and voice acting, and I'm okay with that. I think you will be, too.