unicorrida.pngAlcapa Games teamed up with Joshua Skelton's awesome pixels for the TIGS sports entry Unicorrida an arcade fighter that requires fast reaction and strategy to keep your matador alive. The seven deadly unicorns you must slay have different fighting styles, too. Some will charge at you relentlessly and others will have magical, screen-wrapping powers to sneak up on you.

The player starts without any attack (really?); however, the ground quickly yields capes and banderillas to inflict damage on your equestrian opposition and allow you to escape damage. Instead of blood, the unicorns shed rainbows, which you can exchange to level up your matador's strength, life, and speed.

I can't recall too many famous video game matadors, but Lawrence Blood from Fatal Fury came to mind. My attacks here felt like fighting game parries with follow-through. I got a gold star on each unicorn, but I couldn't find multi-star conditions that led to a real ending. Still, great fun! ¡Olé!