Sugar Pill Studios (Getaway to Nowhere, Twenty Twelve) has released a free HTML5 version of its abstract dice-rolling strategy game Rollaway.

In Rollaway, players roll four dice at the beginning of each round, and take turns putting them into play one after another. Some dice rolls award points, while others take them away. Other faces allow players to skip turns, give away dice, take dice from other players, and double the value of the next die played.

There's a satisfying amount of strategy involved, and it's almost always possible to come out ahead in a round, even if you roll a bad hand.

"A die that normally scores one point could earn you four, or could be taken away," Sugar Pill's Gary Dahl notes. "You might use a skip-die to prevent the next player from giving you a burdensome lose-die, or you might take the lose-die so you can pass it on to someone else. Rollaway is simple to learn, highly interactive, and provides hours of lightly strategic fun."

A tabletop version of Rollaway is also available for $16.99.