Kyttaro Games, an indie gaming label staffed by our own Konstantinos Dimopoulos, has launched Bundle In A Box: Eclectic Delights, a pay-what-you-want collection that offers nine games of wildly varying genres.

Buyers who pay 99 cents or more will receive Fruitbat Factory's strategy/visual novel hybrid War of the Human Tanks, Zaratustra's "cutely disturbing platformer" Eversion, Egor Rezenov's first-person horror game Fibrillation, Adventure Productions' point-and-click adventure Shadows on the Vatican, and Lunar Giant Studios' DLC-bundled strategy title Delve Deeper.

Beat the bundle's average purchase price and you'll also receive Smudged Cat Games' puzzle-platformer The Adventures of Shuggy, Games by Zed's maze game Flibble, Brucefilm's FMV-based rhythm-fighter Stay Dead and GZ Storm's surreal horror game The 4th Wall.

All games are DRM-free, and many featured titles include keys redeemable at Steam or Desura. A portion of proceeds will be given to The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family, and $10 will be added to Kyttaro's Indie Dev Grant for every 100 bundles sold.