the grading game.jpgCharlie Deck's (bigblueboo's) 7DFPS entry First Person Tutor, where players sharp-shoot English grammar and spelling, has received a massive overhaul and is now available on iTunes as The Grading Game. For $1, the game provides horribly written papers on over 100 topics that range from "illegal numbers to Kim Jong Il's hairstyle." The career mode sees players correct papers from freshmen all the way to third-year doctoral students.

Players will find grammar, spelling, capitalization, and homophone mistakes, and they can hone skills for a specific mistake in the practice mode. Within each mode are several different gameplay types. The minefield levels provide back-to-back mistakes, and needle in a haystack levels task players with finding the singular mistake in a swarm of text.

Unfortunately, the game still does not mark every error, and that can quickly end an otherwise fun round. For example, compound sentence errors don't always register correctly. I imagine that people annoyed by the inability to mark every grammar mistake in the First Person Tutor freeware will probably be more annoyed if they pay for this experience.

That said, The Grading Game packs a lot of content for $1 and is still addicting. Maybe the developer can find a way to receive and incorporate feedback on the unmarked grammatical issues to polish this creative project, while hopefully readying it for a PC release.

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