legal assistance.pngLegal services that usually cost indies $300 to $500 an hour New Media Rights has done for free since 2007. Currently, this non-profit organization is seeking funds to keep services free and to pay for the ongoing web series Legal Assistance for Game Developers, reports Joystiq.

Along with explaining the company's history and services, Assistant Director Shaun Spalding offered his two biggest tips to indie developers: 1) Don't name your game the same name or something confusingly similar to another game (especially if you're trying to copy that game. 2.) Figure out who owns what ahead of time and make sure that everyone you're working with understands the goals of the project.

The team is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund direct legal help to creators who can't afford it AND fund season 2 of its YouTube series LAGD: Legal Assistance for Game Developers. Season 1 included talks with Edmund McMillen, Rami Ismail, Gabe Newell, Zach Barth, and Jordan Weisman.

Unfortunately, New Media Rights can only practice law in California, but its video series is and will be free to anyone, anywhere. Hopefully this team will also inspire similar non-profits in other states.