Cheering Works.pngMade for the TIGSource Sports competition, Cheering Works is a silly mix of WarioWare and Track & Field. Players must mash the left-click button to cheer the runner on the screen; the voraciousness of cheering directly improves the runner's speed.

But that's only one small part of the game. Possibly dozens of different mini-game commercials serve as interludes to the track and field race, and they require all sorts of different point and click combinations. Players prevent two children from ripping a stuffed animal, help a football-player build woman muscle her way through a crowd, and more. Three playthroughs, and I am still finding new minigames.

Cheering Works! for Windows is a bizarre blast. I'd love for a sequel, Booing Works!, to illustrate how equally effective it is to yell, curse, or even throw things violently when your favorite team is losing.